A Space for Healing

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July 18th
19:45 WEST
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The Programme

A Space for Healing

We are all experiencing the challenges of the current times of uncertainty and change differently, and to some level we are all experiencing trauma. This day's online programme offers a chance to embark on a personal healing journey, to regulate the nervous system, learn from experts in their field, and gain many helpful resources to continue the practice. 

A one-day Online Retreat

Our special programme combines the knowledge and practices of movement study, Qi Gong, yoga philosophy, psychology, yoga therapy and neuroscience to help you rebalance, reconnect and rejuvenate.

During this retreat you will...

Have a chance to restore and rejuvenate

Create space for self care in your body

Learn impactful grounding methods

Rest deeply

Re-energise body, mind and heart

Learn about the power of Restorative Practices

Breathe to help regulate the nervous system

Understand the nervous system response during stress and trauma

Gain a Yoga philosophy perspective on suffering and how to overcome it

Get tools for a daily practice

Deepen your meditation practice


What we are raising money for

At the heart of Little Yoga Space is our aim to create a safe space for you, where you can heal, connect, learn and share. We believe in the power of embodied practices, that not only promote developing awareness of the Self, but also the ending of suffering as well as fulfilling our innate potential. We want to advocate inclusivity and accessibility in all that we offer, and wish to empower you in your own development. 

We want to continue to be of service to our community, and need your help. This fundraiser will support us in: 

keeping our doors open (paying rent and bills)providing a space for our wonderful team of teachers and therapists to share their workhelping us to rebuild trust in humanitydeveloping new online programmes, training programmes and immersionsbuilding an outreach programme

50% of all money raised will go to a local charity supporting victims of crime, as well as their families and friends.

July 18th
19:45 WEST